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Aspire Lounge (41) (Non-Schengen)

AMSMain Terminal (nach Sicherheitskontrolle)

Relax and unwind in a modern, light, airy environment away from the crowds before your flight. Plenty of seating options and power outlets, a great drinks selection with Heineken on tap, savory pastries, excellent views of the runway, and of course, great decor, are just some of the benefits that guests can expect.

Öffnungszeiten - jetzt geöffnet

Montag: 6:00am - 10:00pm
Dienstag: 6:00am - 10:00pm
Mittwoch: 6:00am - 10:00pm
Donnerstag: 6:00am - 10:00pm
Freitag: 6:00am - 10:00pm
Samstag: 6:00am - 10:00pm
Sonntag: 6:00am - 10:00pm


Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Showers (Bezahlt)Showers(Bezahlt)
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals

Wichtige Informationen

  • This lounge is only accessible for passengers departing on Non-Schengen flights. The lounge is not accessible to passengers departing from Gate M.
  • Access is only granted up to 3 hours before flight departure time.
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The lounge doors close half an hour before the lounge closes.
  • Hours may be subject to seasonal changes.
  • Access may be periodically restricted due to space constraints, in particular during the hours of 09.00 - 11.00 daily.
  • Shower facilities are subject to payment.
  • Alcoholic drinks are only available for guests 18 years of age or older.
  • Separate smoking room available.
  • Smart casual dress at all times.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam Schiphol AirportAMSHaarlemmermeer, North Holland, Netherlands
Gelegen in Main Terminal (nach Sicherheitskontrolle). After Departures Hall 2 Passport Control, turn left and follow the signs, proceed up the stairs to the Panorama Deck on Level 3, follow signs to the lounge.
    Reisezeiten sind Schätzungen und können nicht garantiert werden. An Flughäfen kann es erforderlich sein, noch einmal die Sicherheits- und Einwanderungskontrolle zu durchlaufen, um zur Lounge zu gelangen. Für die Sicherheitsüberprüfung kann es erforderlich sein, dass eine Bordkarte zur Abreise von diesem Terminal vohanden ist. Für Lounges innerhalb des Sicherheits- oder Einwanderungsbereichs müssen Sie zuerst Ihr Gepäck aufgeben und Ihre Bordkarte in Empfang nehmen.

    Bewertungen (99)

    Muss verbessert werdenWon't let you in unless a Gold frequent flyer.
    AnonymousNovember 2018
    ZufriedenstellendWalked 20min to get to the only oneworld lounge available and it was extremely crowded. Only 2 toilets in the men’s restroom with a long line to use them. Nice lounge but the terminal was less crowded.
    Kyle November 2018
    Muss verbessert werdenThey restrict this lounge constantly for Priority Pass card holders.
    JoeNovember 2018
    Einen Umweg wertNice, modern lounge. Good wifi. We had to wait about 10 minutes to get in. Food was great. Fresh fruit, bread, pastries. Variety of coffees, teas and alcohol. Newspapers in many languages.
    AnonymousOktober 2018
    HervorragendBeing a Priority Pass holder, I wasn’t expecting to get in especially since I arrived at 1000 and there was a line at the door. I got in, though. It was busy but it seemed everyone had a seat.
    AnonymousOktober 2018
    Muss verbessert werdenThe lounge was about 3/4 full and I was denied entry with my Priority Pass....
    Lukas Oktober 2018
    Einen Umweg wertReally big lounge but still fairly often quite crowded. Comfortable chairs. Good facilities. Fast wi-fi. Plenty of power outlets. Good selection of food items and beverages. Clean restrooms, showers.
    Olle OlerupOktober 2018
    Muss verbessert werdenClosed to Priority Pass again.
    MarkOktober 2018
    Einen Umweg wertThe lounge layout is OK, could be improved. The range of food and drinks available is quite basic and limited.
    AnonymousOktober 2018
    ZufriedenstellendFood very limited but a very nice view. Very crowded. The front desk couldn’t handle LoungeBuddy at first but after a few minutes we were granted access.
    LeonAugust 2018
    Einen Umweg wertNice selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, inkl. smoothies and fruit juices. Food very limited, but okay. View on runway is good and there is enough space for everybody. Closes at 23:00.
    AnonymousAugust 2018
    Einen Umweg wertFood selection limited, but OK. Seating is nice, with a view onto the tarmac. Shower is cramped, like a campground shower, but no seat. You get 1 towel, no floor mat. Charge is a whopping EUR 15!
    AnonymousJuli 2018
    Einen Umweg wertAverage business lounge with a standard choice of drinks. The breakfast is good. From 8am on it's too crowded.
    ChrisMai 2018
    Einen Umweg wertGood Swissair lounge with excellent runway/apron views. Limited range of food/snacks but replenished frequently and of good quality.
    Dave Mai 2018
    HervorragendThe lounge did not have enough seating for everyone they let into the lounge. When I came, only uncomfortable seats were still available. The food selection is good, but basic and has fast WiFi.
    AnonymousApril 2018
    HervorragendFrom 8-10am this lounge is at capacity so they denied all Priority Pass holders. The food/beverage selection is good, but runs out frequently especially the alcohol. It’s great being away from gen pop.
    GalinaApril 2018
    Muss verbessert werdenNot letting Priority Pass members in FYI.
    RyanMärz 2018
    HervorragendGood basic Dutch food spread with serve your own drinks, plenty of seating when I was there but there is a larger more comfortable first class area roped off. It’s a bit far from the gates.
    JackieMärz 2018
    Muss verbessert werdenThis lounge is for departing flights only!! Although no where does it say this. Attendant was very unhelpful.
    MichelleMärz 2018
    Einen Umweg wertNice lounge, great airside view and food offerings. It's only too bad that its quite a walk from some gates and that you have to pay for showers.
    AlexanderFebruar 2018
    Einen Umweg wertLounge was conveniently right after security gates. Accepted myself & my 2 friends on my Priority Pass. Great view of apron. Good food/drink selection. Many types of seating (booths/tables/chairs).
    Hova1914Februar 2018
    Einen Umweg wertExcellent food and drinks with apron views. Friendly staff and very comfortable seats.
    GeorgeFebruar 2018
    Muss verbessert werdenAt 8:00 AM denied access to Priority Pass holders while letting many others go in. Apparently had seats but not for Priority Pass holders.
    AnonymousJanuar 2018
    Muss verbessert werdenEten/snacks zeer beperkt. Wordt slecht aangevuld. Toiletten vette vloer en niet van het laatste uur. Kortom benodigd heel wat verbetering!
    TonDezember 2017
    Einen Umweg wertGreat lounge with awesome views.
    AnonymousDezember 2017
    HervorragendGreat high speed Internet, was great to be able to download some video quickly.
    AnonymousDezember 2017
    Einen Umweg wertShower worth every coin. I wish they had put a toilet in the shower.
    Atwooki Oktober 2017
    Einen Umweg wertGood lounge and good food. Away from gate though.
    AnonymousOktober 2017
    Muss verbessert werdenTERRIBLE!!!! In my own honeymoon wouldn't allow me to enter, because they only wanted first class passengers instead of Diner's Club customers. Such an absurd!
    FláviaSeptember 2017
    Muss verbessert werdenRefuses people from credit card partnership cuz lounge is ALMOST full. If they can't handle the compromise they make, they should cancel the partnership with the credit card. Very crappy lounge aswell.
    BernardoSeptember 2017
    Muss verbessert werdenI was turned away at 8:40am on a Sunday morning due to having a Priority Pass. It didn't appear to be full inside.
    AnonymousSeptember 2017
    Muss verbessert werdenDoorman is rude and yells at Priority Pass holders.
    AnonymousSeptember 2017
    ZufriedenstellendCrowded at 9am. Unhealthy food selection but nice staff.
    MichaelSeptember 2017
    Muss verbessert werdenI got rejected at the gate. Priority Pass has no priority.
    Yu-kaiJuli 2017
    Einen Umweg wertGood lounge. Nicely decorated, good food selection, including a Bloody Mary bar! However, it can be VERY far from your gate.
    AnonymousJuni 2017
    Muss verbessert werdenDenied to enter with the PrPass around 8am - was told to return... after 11am when they will have less visitors ;( People are going out frequently, it's logic to wait but they are denying everyone.
    DmitryJuni 2017
    HervorragendNice with a decent breakfast and lunch selection. At 11 am - 12 noon it was crowded but one could still find a place to sit. It is better than the average lounge with both hot and cold food.
    Glenn L.Mai 2017
    Einen Umweg wertI expected a bit more from a large international airport. Internet was terrible, food choice was limited to soup, but it still beats waiting at the gate for 3 hours. Drink choices were great too.
    Jonathan B.Mai 2017
    ZufriedenstellendBusy, but clean. Average selection of beverages. Crowded too, nothing special for a world class airport.
    AnonymousMärz 2017
    HervorragendOne of the best, all was great, recommended.
    SergiuMärz 2017
    Einen Umweg wertIf flying UA to the US, this is your lounge. Crowded at 1100. Decent breakfast and comfortable. 20 minute walk to the G gates UA uses, though.
    DavidMärz 2017
    ZufriedenstellendNot a bad lounge. Hit or miss on friendliness of the staff. Upon entry, I was informed several times of a 3 hour time limit and discouraged from entering at least twice as they were busy.
    AnonymousFebruar 2017
    Einen Umweg wertThe simple snacks, basic drinks, and rail liquor and wine are fine. The space is routinely overcrowded depending on the timing of the visit. Shower is clean and warm but not so well designed.
    DarynFebruar 2017
    Muss verbessert werdenThis lounge is overcrowded. Very very limited food offering. Cheap wine. Coffee machine not maintained to function properly. Surprise any airlines use this. SG has roped off section so they must know.
    AnonymousJanuar 2017
    ZufriedenstellendSuper crowded lounge for Star Alliance flights. Hardly a seat left in the entire lounge while a separately cordoned-off area for SQ passengers towards the back of the lounge is completely empty.
    MatthiasDezember 2016
    Zufriedenstellend17 euros for a shower on top of the entry. Wifi wasn't working.
    RowanDezember 2016
    Einen Umweg wertNice clean 6:48 a.m. It is mildly crowded but maintains its quiet atmosphere. Food and drinks are fresh and filling. Would return to this lounge!!
    TamraDezember 2016
    Einen Umweg wert3 front desk staff and 2 of them ignore guests checking in leaving only one staff person to check in a growing line. Not impressed.
    ArpitaDezember 2016
    Einen Umweg wertComfortable lounge with nice tarmac views. I did not find it crowded either in the early morning or around midday. Not deluxe but perfectly nice place to while away some time.
    ConradNovember 2016
    Einen Umweg wertNice lounge with good food for breakfast, panorama is okay for avgeeks, only few TV screens, newspapers available. It can be crowded as almost all non-SkyTeam airlines are sending their pax there.
    JasiuNovember 2016
    Muss verbessert werdenComfortable seating but poor selection of food (as with BA lounge next door) and not a very wide selection of drinks, either.
    SteveNovember 2016
    ZufriedenstellendVery busy and loud lounge! Not very good to do some work. Go sit in one of the nice restaurants, you will get better value.
    Jean-PierreOktober 2016
    ZufriedenstellendNice staff, an airy feel and great design make it a nice place to spend time. The food is fairly snacky though so I'd eat elsewhere if that's what you want.
    The Flying PenguinOktober 2016
    ZufriedenstellendVery few snacks and beverages, good serviré and space.
    RamiroSeptember 2016
    ZufriedenstellendJust a few snacks, not great seating, public bathroom outside is nicer. Quite open and busy so can't do any real work/calls etc. Probably better to go to a restaurant instead.
    AnonymousSeptember 2016
    ZufriedenstellendFairly basic lounge, limited and ordinary selection of snacks. Decent range of spirits and mixers. Newspapers for lounge use only.
    DeckleffAugust 2016
    HervorragendQuick and easy and rarely too crowded like the KLM Crown Lounge, which can be a zoo at times. Good alternative.
    AnonymousAugust 2016
    Einen Umweg wertGood but basic lounge. If you don't have access to the other airline lounges, this one is good to hang around before your flight in a relaxing atmosphere.
    MarcelJuli 2016
    HervorragendAwesome lounge with plenty of snacks and a decent selection of alcohol. Really can't ask for much more. Great place to relax and unwind before your flight!
    GarrettJuni 2016
    ZufriedenstellendFood selection was small, good pastries. Beer tap available as well as alcoholic beverages. Priority pass members only 3 hours.
    SergioJuni 2016
    ZufriedenstellendGood views but that's about it. Free alcohol and a few snacks.
    single_flyerMai 2016
    Einen Umweg wertVery nice lounge. Food was limited in range but really tasty. The work going on in the middle of the lounge did not impact (but it was a Sunday), lots of choice to drink. Easy access to power sockets.
    KevinApril 2016
    Einen Umweg wertI couldn't stay long but at least they had bottled water and snacks you could take away. So better than KLM lounge on that front.
    AnonymousMärz 2016
    Einen Umweg wertAs of today, the entrance is no longer through a construction site. Just go up the escalator and the the elevator and you are there.
    AnonymousFebruar 2016
    ZufriedenstellendIt's too small, and very loud.
    JanFebruar 2016
    Einen Umweg wertIt's a ways out of the way, but it's worth it for the hot snacks and self serve bar.
    ErikFebruar 2016
    ZufriedenstellendIt's been over a year and the route to this lounge is still under construction. Showers are very expensive (€17.50) and are cramped and lacking amenities. Food limited but good. Views are great.
    LizJanuar 2016
    Einen Umweg wertAside from it being a bit of a journey due to the airport renovations, overall it's a good solid lounge. Plenty of selection for food and drinks.
    GarrettJanuar 2016
    Einen Umweg wertMuch better than the Aspire Lounge in the Schengen Area.
    PatrickJanuar 2016
    ZufriedenstellendLoving is nice enough. But at 9 am they had coleslaw and pasta salad. No bread. Just an odd breakfast. It was clean but no one came around to pick up dishes.
    RachelDezember 2015
    ZufriedenstellendNothing much to eat or drink. Very long walk to the departure area!
    AmmDezember 2015
    ZufriedenstellendNice lounge with decent space. The restrooms are clean. Nice tarmac view. The food was disapointing.
    SanderDezember 2015
    HervorragendKind staff, yummy savoury pastries, well stocked around breakfast time. Not a wide variety of food, but enough for my liking. And fruit, always a good thing. Outlets all over. Comfortable chairs. View👍🏻!
    TjardaNovember 2015
    Einen Umweg wertLoved it. Decent spread for a lounge, and fairly reasonable price tag. Spacious, and great view of the tarmac - a big factor for an avgeek like me!
    AengusNovember 2015
    Einen Umweg wertSelección sencilla de alimentos pero amplia en bebidas. Limpio, cómodo y mucha luz (no podrás dormir con facilidad).
    ManuelOktober 2015
    Muss verbessert werdenUncomfortable seats, terrible food, crowded. Better off waiting in terminal. Only plus is the staff at SQ end were friendly. Overall one of worst lounges in network.
    DavidSeptember 2015
    Muss verbessert werdenIt's $50/€30!!! Barely any food. Not a great experience.
    Béla MolnarSeptember 2015
    ZufriedenstellendGreat views of the airport and lots of natural light but that is about the extent of the amenities when I visited. Food had run out, children running wild and not a house keeper to be seen.
    SimonAugust 2015
    Einen Umweg wertModern, light and airy lounge, well laid out with a variety of comfortable furniture. Reasonable range of drinks including a self service Heineken tap. Snack selection was rather limited though.
    DavidAugust 2015
    Muss verbessert werdenInternet is appalling - you can pay to upgrade but very exoensive
    RichardAugust 2015
    HervorragendA nice, modern lounge with better food that some. For breakfast that had warm croissants and spreadable cheese. There is an espresso machine and, a Heineken tap, and a selection of wine.
    TiffanyAugust 2015
    Einen Umweg wertNot such a good food selection as the KLM lounge but not bad. Way better than the previous lounge at AMS. Massive windows offer a great view of the apron. Wifi a bit flaky. Awful music.
    JamesAugust 2015
    Einen Umweg wertGreat place. Only suggestion: with such great Dutch cheese and salami, you should provide some fresh bread or rolls.
    Ron ManAugust 2015
    Einen Umweg wertThe friendly and professional staff kept the place spotless. The windows that oversee the tarmac light the place up. There's a variety of seats. Food & beverages are OK but nothing special. Good WiFi.
    StarmieAllianceAugust 2015
    Einen Umweg wertOne of the best Priority Pass lounges. Due to construction, it's a haul to get there. Snacks, booze, and nice chairs await. I enjoyed this lounge.
    Andrew Juli 2015
    Einen Umweg wertVast improvement aesthetically, still not too much f&b offerings, but pleasant for a quick stop & snack/drink.
    KirkwoodJuli 2015
    Einen Umweg wertJam packed!! But free booze and beer.
    AnonymousJuli 2015
    ZufriedenstellendVery basic. Crowded. Very little food.
    BillJuli 2015
    Einen Umweg wertComfortable & good view of runway. Food is tasty but limited, as seen in photos. Plenty of power points. There is WiFi but very sketchy 3G coverage. Could be bit cleaner - someone collecting plates?
    LenJuni 2015
    ZufriedenstellendDecent but nothing special. Food is basic. Fast internet for just 1 hour. Chairs are comfy.
    DimitrisMai 2015
    Einen Umweg wertPrice is now 30 Euros, 40 including a shower. A modern lounge with a great view of the airport. Snacks are limited, drinks are not. Overall, a very refreshing but pricey way to spend a 4 hour layover.
    AnonymousMai 2015
    Einen Umweg wertAs of May 2015, because of construction, the lounge is a 5+ minute walk from the access point in the terminal. Star Golds have access.
    BillikenMai 2015
    HervorragendClean, free fast internet, Heineken on Tap...
    MartinApril 2015
    HervorragendGreat alcohol selection with a Heineken tap. A variety of food, including a few hot snack items. The lounge seemed very new and there were many outlets. It was not crowded.
    JoshApril 2015
    Einen Umweg wertPas mal du tout. Le seul problème est l'accès depuis l'extérieur et quand il fait froid et qu'il pleut c'est vraiment moyen!
    VinceJanuar 2015
    Einen Umweg wertBrand new lounge that has a 10 min walk outside to get to it through construction. Great decor. Lots of seating and electric outlets. Limited but decent snacks. Good drink selection.
    KristineJanuar 2015
    ZufriedenstellendTo be honest the lounge is a bit better compared to my last visit. It even seems like the coffee machine is new. Not a great lounge but not a disaster like it used to be.
    EyalDezember 2014
    HervorragendThis is one of The best lounges I have been to. The only problem is that the airport is under renovation and it's quite hard to find the lounge and it takes about 15 minutes to get in.
    PierDezember 2014
    Einen Umweg wertThis has just been upgraded to an Aspire lounge. However it's very very long to get to, through a construction site!
    ColinDezember 2014

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