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The Centurion Lounge

Terminal D (inside security) - Jetzt geöffnet

Editor's Note

Welcome to your destination between destinations. A warm welcome awaits travelers at the reception desk, followed by world-class service. The team of diligent staff are available to guide and provide, whether it be an opportunity to conclude business or simply to relax before further traveling.

Lounge Amenities

Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals
Children's AreaChildren's Area
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Premium FoodPremium Food
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Conference RoomsConference Rooms
Spa ServicesSpa Services


Best lounge I've ever been to: fantastic service, excellent amenities, and great food (better than most domestic lounges). Book your spa appt and get the WiFi password when you arrive.


This lounge has delicious food and a friendly staff that caters to your every need.


Nice, spacious lounge with amenities for business or relaxing-even a kids area with movies and video games. Lots of seating, power outlets everywhere and super attentive staff. Menu by Dean Fearing.


This domestic lounge that feels like International First Class lounge. Fancy cocktails, spa, showers w/ l'Occitane products. Hot food (upscale tex-mex). In a word: swanky.


This lounge will take you to a different level. Come here once, and you'll understand what comfort at airport lounges means.


This is a great addition to DFW. I absolutely love this lounge. It offers all that you might want from a lounge.


Top notch lounge. Incredible service and great food - you can eat a true meal here. Free 15 min chair massage, manicure, or facial at the spa. Only US lounge that might actually be worth the $50 fee.


This is the best lounge I've been to in the US. They offered real food, well-stocked full bar, and free spa services!


Nice people! Great food and service! Clean and stylish with comfortable chairs. I wish there were more!


Awesome spread of quality and delicious food.


Awesome lounge. Really, it doesn't get much better.


I love this lounge! It probably has the best free drinks around.


Excellent lounge. Great food and other amenities. One if my best ever.


I can't wait to see a club like this one in every major airport!


The Centurion lounge blows all other US lounges out of the water! Great signature cocktails and free spa treatments! What's not to like?


I would give it five stars but it is extremely overcrowded.


This lounge offers great food, and free massages!


Best domestic lounge there is. Complimentary spa treatments, great fresh food, L'Occitane stuff in the restrooms, awesome bar, showers and fast wi-fi.


Just stopped by today for a quick bite to eat. They have changed up the menu and it's still great. Love this place.


I love this lounge and the food is amazing, actually try to book longer layovers so I can stop in.


You won't find anything better in the USA.


Best domestic lounge. This is a game changer for DFW.


I guess I was expecting more from this lounge based on the other reviews. Odd layout, lack of comfy seating, food was dry. Hmmm.


Great oasis in the middle of the airport. Free drinks, enough said.


The best domestic lounge out there: excellent food and beverage options coupled with outstanding service. Other domestic lounges cannot even come close.


It's nice but small. Asked at front desk if it was my first time to the lounge. Answered yes but was not told about any of the Centurion amenities that I read about on flyer talk.


Great lounge. Had a free (tip only) massage.


Concur that it's the best in the US. And competes internationally. Free massage and facial (gonna be my first one ever). Great food. I'm gonna miss my AMEX Platinum card.


Excellent for a domestic lounge. Good selection of freshly prepared hot food. My visit included short rib beef roll-ups, chicken mole, root veggie pasta, and salad bar. Lots of electric outlets.


My home away from home when in DFW. Excellent food & courteous service!!


Hands down the nicest lounge I've ever been to. This place is awesome! The food quality and selection is outstanding, it's very spacious and the spa is a game changer!


Best airport club I have ever been to. Great food and services.


This place is epic! Free bar, cappuccino machine, massage parlor, napping beds, quiet section for work and normal section, spread of good looking food. Best lounge in DFW.

Anthony Johnson

Great lounge. Tex-Mex cuisine, great cocktails, even spa service during certain hours.


Fantastic lounge. Comparable to Virgin Clubhouse.


By far, the centurion lounges out due any other lounge I have been to. The food, service and amenities are far above any others. Just wished they had more!


Wow! Best lounge food in a US domestic lounge. Get a margarita and enjoy the great local flare food. Men's restroom a little small. Probably should consider getting rid of guest access as lounge busy.


The best US based lounge I have ever visited. The staff is helpful and friendly. The food is hot and buffet style. They have a mini spa on site. I would not be upset if I missed my flight.


For the US (normaly salty pretzels and carrots) its great, good food, cocktails and good service.


Been here a few times now and always good food and massage!


Would expect more for Centurion card members.


Beautiful, modern, great food & drink, on par with premium lounges of international airlines. Not a big space but still has quiet spots and nice design. And a quick Skylink ride from all terminals.


Best lounge I've experienced.


AMEX DFW Centurion Lounge, oftentimes busy, is always a great refuge. Food and drink aplenty and efficient staff. Willie is a very nice young man and attentive to customers' needs.


Too crowded and small. Always line at bar. Space too narrow to easily get around tables etc.


Wow! This lounge is amazing! Never have I been to an airport lounge where I can dine on fine cuisine and enjoy some of the best libations in town.

Chad Hill

Just as all lounges in Europe, this is an excellent lounge with free everything (food, drinks, etc.).


Best domestic club in the States. No one even close.


Definitely worth the entry fee. They offer a full buffet, quality premium cocktails, and free spa services. Absolutely outstanding.


Makes you want to fly thru DFW. Good food, great drinks, friendly staff, comfy lounge chairs. A wonderful respite.


Great domestic lounge. I hope this will set a trend for other U.S. Domestic lounges. Reserve your spa appointment at the front desk. Full bar, family/kids area, wifi, computer to use, shower.


This place is amazing! Service, food and drinks are the absolute best! Thanks LoungeBuddy for identifying this great lounge!


This is my second visit to this lounge and love to get pampered with complimentary facial and chair massage. Excellent food, friendly staff and nice decor!


Good lounge. Great service. Great massage. A little overrated but overall great lounge.


Definitely one of the better lounges. Good premium Tex Mex food and short spa services like mini massages and facials.


What airline lounge gives you free massages and a full free meal? This is what all lounges should be like.


Awesome, worth trip from other terminals on Skylink.


One of the best lounges in the US. Great food and drink, top-notch service and an inviting atmosphere. Only downside is it's getting pretty popular.


This is the best DFW lounge with a quiet atmosphere, super friendly and attentive staff, awesome buffet, shower, and massage treatment from the salon.


Love the spa. Have gotten manicure and a 15 min massage and both have been amazing. Great cocktail and food selection. Can get busy and crowded.


Many great things about this lounge. The only downsides I experienced was them not having the liquor to make some of their cocktails & the men's bathroom was gross. Looked like a construction project.


Very nice facility. About any amenity you could want while traveling. Top notch club.


Great space and top-notch amenities. Only downsides are bar closes 30 minutes prior to club close, hot food one hour before. Excellent guacamole, liquor selection, and seating options.


Awesome! So far, the best airport lounge in the US.


Hard to beat Centurion for domestic lounges. If you have the time, it's worth going out of your way.


Great lounge. Probably one of the best of Centurion.


This is a truly exceptional lounge that offers free spa services, concierge assistance (travel and dining), premium bar, and big buffet. Definitely worth a detour to visit.


Overall this is the best airport lounge out there. Service is top notch, food could be better, drinks are well made, very clean, not too lousy, seats/couches not too comfy.


Always great service, food, and drinks! Spa treatments are amazing when not filled up. Worth the quick train ride to beautiful terminal D if time permits.


Best domestic lounge I have been to. Outstanding premium cocktails and gourmet food.


The service is very good. A welcome respite from the norm traveling in the U.S. Much more like an international lounge.


They do a great job of keeping the food and drink flowing regardless of the crowds. Can't recommend highly enough. Get with the program, every other lounge at DFW!


Beautiful decor, lovely food spread, fantastic drinks, and a complimentary spa make this the best lounge at DFW by far. Spa has limited hours, and books out fast, though.


This Amex lounge is much appreciated, especially after losing Amex Platinum access to the American Airline Admirals Clubs.


This lounge makes the airline clubs look second rate. More room, more food, better food.


Best domestic lounge in the USA.


Full points! This lounge has super comfortable chairs, wide assortment of food and drinks, and attentive staff.


This is an excellent lounge with outstanding facilities and services.


What a lounge used to be, beautiful, serene, good food, friendly staff. This lounge is what I imagine travel in the 50s was like when you felt special getting on that Pan Am plane.


I've started coming to DFW an hour earlier than I used to just to spend some more time here. Great free drinks, food and massages.


Early DFW arrival, so we went to Admirals Club, which opens at 5 am. It was good, but we scooted over to Centurion as soon as it opened at 5:30 because it is best. Friendly, neat, clean, and quiet.


Excellent food and drink provision. Very spacious.


Excellent coffee, good seating, great buffet. It also offers plenty of amenities, and a quiet atmosphere. The service is also very good.


It's not quite as good as business/first class lounges in Asia, but far better than most domestic lounges in the U.S. Their food selection is small but decent. Good bar with ample selection.


Much better than AA Lounge in D. They offer premium drinks. Service is provided, you don't have to go to the bar. Food and drink quality is pretty good for a U.S. lounge. Busy but better than AA.


A fantastic place to relax and recalibrate either before or after a flight. Great service and atmosphere!


Like all Amex Centurion lounges, this one does not disappoint. Great food and comfort.


Great lounge with very good food. Lounge is quite crowded. Massage and manicures are a big bonus.


Pretty good. A little sterile in the dining room, but lovely overall. Staff excellent. Felt very welcome.


A wonderful place. Highly recommend it for the staff & food.


Without a doubt, best lounge ever. Only complaint: the shower kept getting near burning hot whenever a toilet flushed. Left me with red skin. Otherwise, perfect food and ambience.


1 hour wait Terminal B, so I rode over to the Centurion Lounge in Terminal D. Had a great quick snack lunch, a nice chair to sit in, and chance to refresh before the final flight. First visit. Great!


Crowded, cold soup, not worth it. Heading to Admirals Club, quite disappointed.


Great lounge. Real food and a great staff.


This is a pretty small lounge :(. The food is decent though.


I'm always excited to come early to the airport to spend time here. It's a very nice looking, relaxing place to grab some food, drinks and even a massage. Hope more airports decide to open a Centurion.


Excellent lounge and perk to having a Platinum Amex. Food, amenities are top notch, on par with some of the international lounges we have been to.


Exceptional service. Chef prepared food is delicious and plenty of selection. Bar selection is amazing. What can I say? Just go. Have a cocktail on the inside balcony overlooking the terminal.


Best lounge in the US, hands down!


I loved this lounge: great food, complimentary cocktails, and free manicures. The furniture and decor were modern and comfortable. The staff at the front desk were kind and helpful.


This lounge is on par with the most international business and first class lounges. Be sure to book a free massage while you are there.


Incredible lounge! Great cocktails and warm food. Showers were large and comfortable.


Great selection of food, great cocktail, really awesome massage by John! Lovely lounge.


For a US lounge this was an outstanding place to relax and work. During peak hours it gets crowded. It offers showers, great variety of meals, conference room. Worth $50, wish Loungebuddy works here.


Great lounge overall, but hot food doesn't start until 6:30am. Massage/spa services follow a business day schedule, about 9am-6pm.


Best domestic lounge there is!


Not worth going out of your way. They won't even let you take coffee to-go.


Busy but best lounge I've been to. Food was great, service was great and a clean lounge.

Adam Skare

The best lounge available at DFW. Airline lounges could learn a great deal from AmEx.


Quality lounge with good hot food.


This is, by far, the best lounge for domestic travelers. Though it's not quite on the level of CX First Class Lounges, this places goes far beyond what any domestic airline currently offers.


Nice place to relax, interesting drinks, fast wifi, very decent food. I look forward to missing another flight at DFW.


My excitement to try this lounge, long customs lines cut visit to 18 minutes. No one in airport would help us find. Kind staff on arrival, clean, relaxing, great white mimosa from bar. Small bathroom.


Great lounge...good food & drinks and good service.


These are my favorite lounges worldwide. Consistently gorgeous with great food, exceptional wifi, and great seating. I keep my Platinum Card purely for the access.


Was busy when I stopped by mid afternoon. A cut above the typical US domestic lounge with open bar and a range of tasty hot/cold dishes. Reasonable WIFI.


Meets criteria for quick bite, drink & wi-fi fix. Lounge lacks comfy seating or ample space for longer layover. Feels like a sardine can when busy. Showers & massages are a nice perk.


Usually good facility, but has been going downhill - on evening of 26-Jan-2017 the lounge bathrooms were out of order, they posted a sign suggesting guests use the public restrooms in the main terminal.


Consistently excellent service & selection. Can get a little crowded during peak times but there's usually space out on the edges.


Nice but crowded. Good food and drink selection. Friendly staff.


Usually crowded, and not enough stalls in restroom.


Not crowded today. Good selection and quality of food as well as a good variety of drinks. Has showers, clean bathrooms, family room, and an office area. You can even grab a massage if you like.


Great food & service but way too small for the number of people.


This lounge is insanely good. Service, food, drinks, showers all so far above a normal lounge it's not comparable.


Outstanding lounge! Food is amazing. High quality free food and bar and very chic and comfortable lounge. Nice showers too. Worth the annual membership fees!


Better than some of the Centurion Lounges across the country. I'm looking at you, LaGuardia.


Service is nearly as attentive as an international first class lounge, food is as good as an international business class lounge, etc. I appreciate the chaise lounges for a good nap space!

Curt Anderson

Love this place. A little small but by far the best at DFW.

Graham Clark

Comfortable, 2nd storey modern setting next to all the Terminal D shops. Friendly staff, great food. An excellent place to kill time during a layover.


Excellent experience, great food, busy but not crowded and a complimentary massage to top it off.


Crowded with no comfortable seating for longer layovers. Bathrooms and dining area are dirty. This lounge is way too small for the traffic it gets. Free food is not worth it. Off to the Admirals Club.


Have been here several times and always overcrowded. Frequently out of dishes, glasses, etc, so there’s no point in stopping in for a snack or drink.


Cheap looking furniture, seemingly always crowded and not anywhere near the level of AC.


Dear Amex Execs! Straighten this mess out. Too crowded. Too many brat kids. Too many teenagers. Too much!!! Why do I pay $500 per year for this. I’m done.


First time in Centurion Lounge. Impressive. Great food, good wine & stemware. Not crowded, except for the men’s room - had plumbing issues, clean and comfortable. Would not hesitate to recommend.


Way too crowded. All of the usual Centurion amenities which are excellent but too many kids yelling and running around unsupervised.


AmEx Centurion lounges are the new standard in the US. The only problem is everyone else knows it too. Finding a seat and getting on the list for a massage can be tough. But worth a detour.


Great lounge but with serious crowding issues.

Luis F Novoa

Spa opens at 9am. Bar opens at 7am.


Here for a quick pit stop. Very nice lounge with hot food and drinks.


As mainstream airport lounges go, Centurion lounges rank among the top, and this location is no exception.


Love all Centurion Lounges but DFW is the best. Good food, solid drinks, and best of all, a complimentary 15 min massage.


Here on a weekday between 5-6, not too busy. Nice design, great use of windows letting in natural light. Great good and staff common with Amex lounges. Worth the skytrain ride after security 2 here.


Vegan and vegetarian-friendly food is lacking at this lounge.


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