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Wingtips Lounge

JFKTerminal 4 (nach Sicherheitskontrolle)

Escape the chaotic commotion of the busy airport terminal in one of the world’s most active hubs. Make your wait idyllic and carefree in a calm, upscale environment. You’ll find it all here, whether you’re looking for a bite to eat, a beverage to quench your thirst, spectacular runway views, or increased productivity.

NOTE: This lounge is only accessible for passengers departing from Terminal 4. Passengers departing from other terminals will not be able to enter this lounge. Priority Pass and other lounge membership access may be limited between 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM daily due to space constraints. Children under 3 years old are admitted free with an adult.

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JFK: John F. Kennedy International Airport

Terminal 4 (nach Sicherheitskontrolle)

After security, turn right and proceed 100 yards, lounge entrance is on the left.

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Bewertungen (106)

ZufriedenstellendBasic lounge...not high quality food or drinks. Enough for few hours but apparently is the only one accepting Priority Pass, so expect to be crowded or even full.
GeronimoOktober 2018
Muss verbessert werdenNot accepting Priority Pass. Scam lounge access!!!
D Ferreira PiresOktober 2018
Muss verbessert werden1-star lounge for 1-star passengers with 1-star service.
SanjeevOktober 2018
Muss verbessert werdenDenied access to Priority Pass (any membership programs) citing that it was full. Very disappointed and for it to be an international terminal, this is sub-par. Staff was also rude.
AnonymousSeptember 2018
ZufriedenstellendWe arrived at 12:15pm for a 4:25pm flight. There were no restrictions for Priority Pass members like a few people have mentioned. Food is average, and there are few outlets. Overall satisfactory.
AnonymousSeptember 2018
Muss verbessert werdenHard to find, bad signage, and unavailable to Priority Pass members until 7:30PM! It’s an international terminal... most flights leave that late anyways.
AnonymousSeptember 2018
Muss verbessert werdenThey would not let Priority Pass members in until 6:30p. Ridiculous.
JyothiSeptember 2018
Muss verbessert werdenWorst lounge ever. Just some salad and toast for food.
NickAugust 2018
Einen Umweg wertNice lounge, good selection of wines and basic food options. No issues with access issues with Priority Pass on a Sunday morning. Lounge wasn’t too busy.
TapJuli 2018
Einen Umweg wertGot in with Priority Pass despite sign saying they were not accepting Priority Pass members that time. All amenities as described. Only did 3 instead of 4 stars because glasses and plates left.
YasminJuli 2018
Muss verbessert werden0 star if possible. Was here twice in the last two months. Both times denied access because it was “full” and closed to Priority Pass members even though they were accepting paid members.
AnonymousJuli 2018
Muss verbessert werdenThey NEVER accept Priority Pass. Why bother?!
BryanJuli 2018
Muss verbessert werdenAs a Priority Pass member I should’ve been let into this lounge. Unfortunately they only accept 1st class and business class passengers. I don’t know what the point is of a Priority Pass...
AnonymousJuni 2018
Muss verbessert werdenRude. Turned down DragonPass. Not by lack of space but blatant lie that it was no longer supported. Worse food than Delta lounge. Only good for alcohol, forget if you just want to work: loud, no power.
AnnabelJuni 2018
Einen Umweg wertFood is okay. Self serve beers and liquor. If that's your thing. Can be busy sometimes.
AnonymousJuni 2018
ZufriedenstellendGreat beer and alcohol section, that’s about it.
DennisJuni 2018
Muss verbessert werdenDon't waste your time. Closed to Priority Pass members although it looked pretty empty.
Michele Juni 2018
Muss verbessert werdenClosed to Priority Pass. Come back in 45 minutes.
BrianMai 2018
HervorragendAlways a pleasure. Great staff. Comfortable clean. Food isn’t a meal but more than a snack. I wish the whole lounge was the batwing chairs. The only lounge that’s always accepting PP.
AnonymousMai 2018
Muss verbessert werdenDenied access to Priority Pass for my entire 3 hour layover. Only paid customers. Please don’t bother being an affiliate.
KevinMai 2018
Einen Umweg wertNice place to sit and rest. Breakfast was nice. There is a toaster. Sitting area to the right is much nicer.
GeorgeApril 2018
HervorragendCame here expecting the worst due to previous reviews. Variety of wines, beers, juices. Hot food - breaded fried cod, mashed potato, brussels sprouts and comfortable wide seating with tables.
SophieMärz 2018
Muss verbessert werdenYikes, this is probably one of the worst lounges at JFK. The food selection is poor and everything just seemed really dated.
NancyMärz 2018
ZufriedenstellendFood looked gross. Old looking tuna, yucky looking hummus and for someone who can’t have most carbs there was nothing for me to eat. They had fruit. Beers were warm in fridge. Coffee machine very nice.
AnonymousFebruar 2018
ZufriedenstellendThis lounge is pretty small and doesn’t feel that luxurious, but during breakfast hours, I’d choose it over the Delta lounge as they have hot food (eggs, potatoes and sausage/bacon) & fruit.
AnonymousFebruar 2018
Muss verbessert werdenReally crappy, small, overcrowded, only a few options to eat and drink. I prefer to wait in the gate!
RamiroJanuar 2018
Muss verbessert werdenDefinitely a pretty crappy lounge, like all other reviews. They often close to new entrants when they hit capacity. Based on size, my guess is that happens often. I’ve been once and turned away once.
MikeJanuar 2018
Einen Umweg wertSmall lounge for amount of passengers in this terminal. Still a decent place to stop for a drink and wifi.
EricDezember 2017
Muss verbessert werdenWalked in, walked right out. Dirty, small, almost nothing food wise, food on the floor, not worth for any amount. They really need to update and improve a lot.
AnonymousDezember 2017
Muss verbessert werdenExtremely poor choice of food and beverages, poor seating capacity, dirty lounge. At least restrooms were clean enough.
LorenzoOktober 2017
ZufriedenstellendFood is hit and miss, last week it was great, today it is not even edible. Good selection of beers and sodas but the refrigerator is not cold at all. 10 staff members today, all standing and talking.
JamberOktober 2017
ZufriedenstellendThey recently updated the furniture but everything else is the same, including too many loud kids in the morning. Breakfast is just okay but the alcohol selection has been improved.
EricSeptember 2017
ZufriedenstellendKids screaming, no airport screens and no great food.
CyrilSeptember 2017
Muss verbessert werdenLoud, crowded, and food selection horrible. Not worth the entry fee if you have to pay.
RoSeptember 2017
Muss verbessert werdenTerrible. No attention to clients. Loud. Not a club, just a place to sit and get a drink.
AnonymousSeptember 2017
ZufriedenstellendThe guy checking me into the lounge was great. Pleasant, and let me know about the gate change. Better selection of beer than the Swiss Lounge and liquor in the morning. Food choice is poor.
AnonymousAugust 2017
ZufriedenstellendDirty, sad. Would rather pay to eat Shake Shack. Go to Delta lounge by gate 31. It's amazing.
AnonymousAugust 2017
Muss verbessert werdenVery small, old and limited food items. Good selection of liquor but not enough to make up for old furniture and uninviting atmosphere.
AnonymousJuli 2017
ZufriedenstellendSo-so.. still better than waiting outside and food/drinks are ok. But nothing crazy. Comfort is very basic. Service ok overall!
ArnaudJuli 2017
ZufriedenstellendThe first attendant was rejecting Priority Pass members without checking space. The second attendant determined there was adequate space. Decent alcohol selection but the food was unappealing.
AnonymousJuni 2017
ZufriedenstellendMostly too expensive for what it offers... Very basic and not very comfortable/spacious.
BrunoJuni 2017
ZufriedenstellendThis lounge is configured to hold the maximum number of seats. Those seats do not have any power outlets. They have a small but tasty selection of hot food and soup and a salad bar. Many newspapers.
ChadJuni 2017
Muss verbessert werdenAvoid at all cost. That place is a literal dumpster fire.
Michael KleinJuni 2017
Muss verbessert werdenExtremely basic. Almost no quality complimentary food. Only plus is the self serve bar and that barely gets it 1 star.
BrandonMai 2017
ZufriedenstellendSmall, tight seating quarters. It's very basic, if the beverages weren't free I would be sitting by my gate. However the NY state sparkling wine offering was prob the best part of the lounge.
TopherDMai 2017
ZufriedenstellendPerfectly Adequate, Nothing Mind Blowing. Usual fare.
AnonymousMai 2017
Muss verbessert werden4/22/2017 now partially open. No hot food. Health department warning still attached to door :). Very friendly host apologized: "Refrigeration problem, we just have to get it fixed".
AnonymousApril 2017
Muss verbessert werdenCLOSED by health department 4/20/2017, they tried to send me to Swiss lounge, obviously they don't take Priority Pass.
XqApril 2017
Muss verbessert werdenIt was uncomfortably hot. Seating was worn and outdated. Floors and bathrooms were not clean. Buffet needed to be refreshed. Service non-existent. Better than waiting at the gate, but just barely.
TedApril 2017
ZufriedenstellendI think the other reviewers summed it up well. Better than waiting at the gate but def not worth a detour. Lounge feels worn and tired. Food is a bit better than a typical "big 3 lounge".
KKPMärz 2017
ZufriedenstellendEntered around 8pm Sat. Crowded and hot. Unimpressive food and drink selection.
KoshMärz 2017
Muss verbessert werdenGot to the lounge at 6:40 AM and not much was out. Stale looking bread, bagels and couple of yogurts. Saw a cleaning lady clean a mess on the counter. I was not impressed.
BillyFebruar 2017
Einen Umweg wertProbably unpleasant when crowded but quite nice when I was there. Nice selection of complimentary beer. Lunch was good - Mediterranean salads, dolma, hummus. Wifi good enough.
LarryFebruar 2017
Muss verbessert werdenBy far the worst lounge I've even been in. Cramped, hot, noisy, dirty. Most public areas in most airports are nicer. Worth about what I paid to get in, which is nothing. Left after 5 minutes.
AnonymousFebruar 2017
Einen Umweg wertDecent food, hot soup and alcohol free. A lot of chairs had food crumbs and it's a bit small and tight.
AnonymousFebruar 2017
HervorragendEntered at 2pm with 2 guests using Priority Pass through CSR. Food well stocked. Fast Wifi. Staff was nice though there was an Indian cleaning lady who was sort of rude. Overall good, would come back.
MaiyaJanuar 2017
Muss verbessert werdenThis lounge needs some serious work. I swiped in before an AM flight and there was great beer and a decent coffee...but nearly nothing else. The food available seems to depend on the arrival time.
AnonymousJanuar 2016
Muss verbessert werdenFoods are cold, horrible. Staffs are inattentive. There are also several of weird people hanging around there look like homeless.
PaoyiDezember 2016
ZufriedenstellendArrived at 5:30 am after a long flight. No fresh food for 90 minutes. Just sweet cereal and cookies. No milk. Finally, at 6:50, someone showed up to begin replenishing--a slow process, too late!
AnonymousDezember 2016
Einen Umweg wertChecked in at noon. Not crowded, plenty of snacks, salad, bakery items, assorted beer and well drinks. All complementary. Good coffee too. Clean enough rest rooms on both side of lounge. Will visit again.
Shri BiradarDezember 2016
Muss verbessert werdenFeels more like a bus terminal than a lounge. Very depressing. Sad, sad selection of food. And if you have Priority Pass (biggest scam as I have yet to get into a lounge with one) they will restrict you.
AnthonyDezember 2016
ZufriedenstellendUsed to be a good lounge, no more hot food served and no more showers. Nice view tho!
VincentNovember 2016
ZufriedenstellendThey were not accepting Priority Pass. We asked & the friendly staff told us to return in 30 minutes when there is more space. We came back & it was worth being away from noise, free snacks & drinks.
Jessalin November 2016
Muss verbessert werdenIt's a bare minimum lounge that's better than waiting at the gate but not much more. You want to go to Delta Sky Lounge if you are in terminal 4. Dated facility, crowded, minimal amenity.
KeitaNovember 2016
Einen Umweg wertOverall, great lounge. Friendly staff, limited food choices but there was enough to make a meal out of what was available. Spacious, adequate views of planes.
AnonymousSeptember 2016
ZufriedenstellendLimited choice of food, a good choice of beers and all in all pretty mediocre.
NimrodSeptember 2016
ZufriedenstellendHorrible, cold food, toast, and one type of soup available. Bring your own food if you only have access to this lounge when flying out of terminal 4.
KazuSeptember 2016
Muss verbessert werdenJust a small step above staying in the terminal. Maybe the toilet is better, and there is free food. Best part is probably the liquor/beer (bottom shelf but ok). Was overrun with nowhere to sit at 12a.
WayneAugust 2016
ZufriedenstellendPoor food choices, lounge is dirty.
AnonymousAugust 2016
ZufriedenstellendSmall but okay lounge, soup and noodle. Good selection of beer.
LiJuli 2016
ZufriedenstellendGood food, but limited choice. Free alcoholic drinks. Rather small lounge. Courteous staff at check-in, service not as good.
LucaJuli 2016
ZufriedenstellendNo frills in T4. Plenty of space but sparse food.
JaysonJuni 2016
ZufriedenstellendSeemed like a temporary location. Decent finger foods and snacks. Great alcohol selection. Wi-fi speed is good. Lots of comfy seating. Can be a little noisy, but there are quiet corners.
AnonymousJuni 2016
Einen Umweg wertNice compromise to the VIP lounge.
Chris SpenceJuni 2016
ZufriedenstellendIt's a small lounge. I was here from 11pm to 12:30am during a weekday and it was still very crowded and not very quiet.
BrianJuni 2016
Muss verbessert werdenThe space and food selection is quite nice but the staff who worked there would constantly loudly talk to each other as though it was their private lounge space. I found a used syringe in the mensroom.
AnonymousJuni 2016
ZufriedenstellendIt's plain and simple.
PeteJuni 2016
Muss verbessert werdenThe food is pretty disappointing. Only hot food for breakfast are two tubs of what looks like instant ramen.
AlexJuni 2016
HervorragendThis was the nicest lounge I've used at Kennedy. Personnel were friendly and the furnishings were relatively new. The soup and salad, as well as self-service beer, wine, and mid-range liquor was nice.
PatrickJuni 2016
HervorragendLounge was great. Plenty of beer, comfy seats, snacks, clean rest room, and very friendly staff.
HenryJuni 2016
Muss verbessert werdenCouldn't get a drink. Someone walked off with bottle opener! Couldn't get a fork because they were all being washed! Front desk was nice, but everyone else, nope! Skip it and do Sky Club!
S. ChinMai 2016
ZufriedenstellendNice place to get away from the crowds. Limited food options, but at least hot food and healthy things to eat (salad bar and fruit). Self-pour alcohol for those interested. Nice coffee machines!
MeganMai 2016
Einen Umweg wertNo premium spirits, Jack Daniels wasn't available. Nicely air conditioned, a bit breezy for some. No glassware, only paper and plastic cups.
AnonymousMai 2016
ZufriedenstellendAlmost no food, soup but no bowls, worn out furniture, but liquor is free and it's big with lots of seating.
KyleMai 2016
Muss verbessert werdenAt 9pm, there was nothing other than soup and a few drinks!!
MohanMai 2016
HervorragendSpacious with quality food choices.
AnonymousApril 2016
ZufriedenstellendThey seem to have discontinued the hot breakfast, which was the only reason to choose them over others in the morning.
KatherineApril 2016
Muss verbessert werdenNot much here. Comfy old chairs. Limited choices for snacks (no dinner, just soup, fruit and ... cereal).
DimitrisMärz 2016
ZufriedenstellendIt is pretty new but showing some signs of heavy use, things are getting a bit worn.
AaronMärz 2016
Einen Umweg wertAmazing food, fresh and hot, both in quality and number of options. Seating is average. Was kinda noisy. Service fantastic - they grab your plate the second you put it down. No showers.
AviDezember 2015
HervorragendVery nice lounge. Good food, wine selection, great service and seating areas. One of the best lounges at JFK, imo. (And, they have Lorna Doon cookies ; )
MbDezember 2015
Einen Umweg wertFood is better than the Swiss lounge which is just next door, though this lounge isn't as well designed.
TobiasDezember 2015
Einen Umweg wertReally like this lounge. Good hot food selection at dinner, ample snack and drink choices. Lots of different seating areas with great views. The library is a great touch.
ShaneNovember 2015
Einen Umweg wert'Temp' facility a bit of a letdown when compared with prior location. Staff very accommodating, physical space and furnishings a tad shopworn. We hope planned renovation improves this facility's glory.
MeBNovember 2015
HervorragendHad an overnight layover and came here to catch some sleep. Felt safe and comforted by the friendly staff. There are plenty of seats to sit in or couches to lay out. There is an open bar with sangria.
Courtney Oktober 2015
Einen Umweg wertIt's ok for a stopover. Small choice of food and everything is a bit worn down. Plugs by chairs but no USB ports.
AlexanderOktober 2015
Einen Umweg wertSelf service bar and few hot food options. Lounge is separated into areas which is nice. Quiet with good seating availability.
LevellOktober 2015
Einen Umweg wertHo hum food and bar choices. Very few outlets easily accessible. Restricts Priority Pass during evening rush. Fine if you get in free, better than DL SkyClub, but well below Centurion Lounge.
DanSeptember 2015
HervorragendVery nice, quiet lounge with good food, great drink selection, & great views of the airport. Staff was friendly, and it was mostly empty when I was there (midday Tuesday). Recommended.
GJAugust 2015
HervorragendFriendly staff, free hot food and free premium alcohol! Not as modern as the DL Sky Club but MUCH better amenities.
BenJuni 2015
Muss verbessert werdenThey were full and wouldn't let anyone in.
JasonMai 2015
Muss verbessert werdenCouldn't get in...they were supposedly at capacity and told us to come back at 9pm (2+ hours later) in other words, they're regularly understaffed and have regular hours for turning people away...
EllenMai 2015
Einen Umweg wertGreat cold cuts and Mediterranean spread as well as a few hot dishes. Liquor selection more extensive than typical US lounge. A little cramped at peak hours but staff are friendly.
DennisApril 2015
HervorragendBy far THE BEST Lounge I've ever visited anywhere in the US! VERY friendly staff and the selection of drinks and food was perfect, in the 4 hours I was there the selection changed, nice. Wifi good.
planetruthApril 2015
HervorragendProbably the nicest, newest lounge I've been to.
WillFebruar 2015
Einen Umweg wertQuite a decent business class lounge, particularly for one shared by several airlines.
ThomasJanuar 2015

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