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The Centurion Lounge

MIANorth Terminal, Concourse D (nach Sicherheitskontrolle)

Welcome to your destination between destinations. A warm welcome awaits travelers at the reception desk, followed by world-class service and amenities. The team of diligent staff is available to guide and provide, whether it be an opportunity to conclude business or to simply to relax.

Öffnungszeiten - jetzt geöffnet

Montag: 5:00am - 11:00pm
Dienstag: 5:00am - 11:00pm
Mittwoch: 5:00am - 11:00pm
Donnerstag: 5:00am - 11:00pm
Freitag: 5:00am - 11:00pm
Samstag: 5:00am - 11:00pm
Sonntag: 5:00am - 11:00pm


Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Premium FoodPremium Food
Spa ServicesSpa Services
Children's AreaChildren's Area
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals


MIA: Miami International Airport

North Terminal, Concourse D (nach Sicherheitskontrolle)

Across from Gate D14 on Level 4.

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Bewertungen (65)

Einen Umweg wertCrowded lounge but great drinks, food, and view in this wonderful respite.
BradleySeptember 2018
ZufriedenstellendPretty solid lounge. Good cocktail. Food is OK. Nice bar with full service. Very crowded, getting more and more people each time. Removed a star again.
HuguesSeptember 2018
Einen Umweg wertIn violation of health code, dogs in the eating area — not in container — sitting on a chair.
AnonymousJuli 2018
Einen Umweg wertI very much enjoy getting a seat by the window and having a few drinks between flights. I have not been a huge fan of the food, but the salads and cookies are pretty amazing.
AnonymousMai 2018
Einen Umweg wertFor something that is so hyped, I wish it were better. This should be an elite lounge, it’s not. Most Delta lounges have them beat.
Greg GrahamMai 2018
Einen Umweg wertA great lounge that is so over crowded it can’t help but fall a star behind. They are working on a 5000sqft upgrade that hopefully will make it a luxury again. Still great food great service.
AnonymousMai 2018
ZufriedenstellendVery few food choices, no water bottles/soda or snacks to take on the go, two male bathroom stalls in the entire lounge (no changing rooms). Super crowded and underwhelming.
JoeMärz 2018
ZufriedenstellendCrowded, LOUD, limited food choices (spareribs, polenta, soup, slack beer). Long & skinny so hard to get away from foot traffic. Probably beats SEA for least impressive Centurion Lounge.
PregoMärz 2018
Einen Umweg wertGreat staff, food & the included mini spa services are lovely. Good tarmac & runway views. But WOW does it get busy. I've been to almost every AmEx lounge & in the evening, this is the busiest.
Stuart MacDonaldJanuar 2018
HervorragendBest Centurion Club!! Staff very professional, attentive and friendly. Lounge is clean, constantly replenished. Vanessa is awesome. Seating ample.
MarthaJanuar 2018
Einen Umweg wertGreat lounge, but super crowded! Found seating across from the member services desk. Yummy food and drinks.
YvonneJanuar 2018
ZufriedenstellendThe good...Food was flavorful. Great view of the runway. The bad..... overcrowded. Not enough seats. Served the same meal all day. Not as clean as other Cent. lounges. Adults w/o kids in Family Room.
LeahJanuar 2018
HervorragendGreat lounge, good coffee. Monday afternoon, not too crowded. Got a massage and staff was helpful to find a bag of ice for me to put into my cooler to keep my fish I caught cold.
snobaby_leDezember 2017
HervorragendOne of my favorite US lounges. There's plenty of great food and beverage choices. Only negative is there is never enough seating.
MarshallMai 2017
Einen Umweg wertClean. Food mostly salad bar. Drinks OK. Really overcrowded. Usually 1 chair open in whole place. Chairs not real comfortable. Few outlets. Guests arriving seemed to act entitled or something.
DRCMai 2017
HervorragendAmazing lounge at MIA Airport, clean, good food. It's crowded but yet comfortable.
FabioApril 2017
HervorragendA nice lounge in a nice airport. Luis helped us out looking up one of our cards since we had left it at home. Crowded, but calm and the food was delicious. Friendly staff all around.
AnonymousMärz 2017
HervorragendGreat lounge. Very nice breakfast, quick bar service and a fantastic massage. Front desk staff was great!
AnonymousMärz 2017
HervorragendTop notch domestic lounge experience. Make sure to book spa services as soon as you check in, as they tend to book quickly.
MikeMärz 2017
Einen Umweg wertAmex severely underestimated the size of the crowds for this club. The club is outstanding but the 5+ times I've been in here it was SRO.
Mike Dickson Februar 2017
HervorragendAnother fantastic AMEX lounge with an alluring concourse entry and interesting wrap-around design. No complaints to report.
RyanJanuar 2017
HervorragendBest AMEX lounge so far. Modern and clean with great service and surprisingly good food. Can't complain with the bar selection and service.
AnnabellaJanuar 2017
Muss verbessert werdenUnable to use Amex in Cuba so didn't carry it. Can buy anything, anywhere by entering card #. Wrongly assumed I could pay for an extra guest. No, you cannot. It's 1989 at the Club!!
Brian ZielinskiJanuar 2017
HervorragendOne of the best lounges in the country. Very open and bright, great food and drink selection. Massage service available, make appointment when checking in.
PeteDezember 2016
HervorragendSuper nice lounge in MIA. Way better than the crappy AA ones and with much better food and excellent drink selection. I won't be setting foot at another American Lounge again.
Aviador ToreadorDezember 2016
HervorragendA bit far from concourse E but it interconnects with D.
HugoDezember 2016
Einen Umweg wertI was surprised by the size at first, but if you want quieter, more comfy space, go back out by the front desk and turn into the curved wings. Plenty of seating & very quiet there.
Curt AndersonNovember 2016
Einen Umweg wertNice lounge, great food selection and helpful staff.
GEORGEOktober 2016
HervorragendGreat lounge. Good food, good drinks, can't miss.
Nestor SanchezSeptember 2016
HervorragendCenturion lounges always impress. Good food, cocktails, and space. I went at 6pm on a weekday and it wasn't bad. The Key Lime Gimlet is amazing!
DustinJuli 2016
Einen Umweg wertIt's quite crowded, but typically has decent food.
ShakeemJuli 2016
Einen Umweg wertThe lounge is on the small side so it gets loud and crowded. It is a clean and well-appointed though so it will probably be better if you go during off peak hours.
MarkJuni 2016
Einen Umweg wertGreat lounge but too small. Very hard to find seating.
SDJuni 2016
HervorragendExcelente Lounge. Buena comida y excelente servicio e instalaciones. La comida es variada y en porciones adecuadas.
TavoMai 2016
ZufriedenstellendLounge is super busy Sunday evening - had to hunt/wait for seats, wait for service at bar, and food was quickly emptied by patrons - not worth the effort.
BobMai 2016
Einen Umweg wertReally excellent food. But too small and too busy. They were clearing the tables quickly, but we got one of the only open tables. Spa was fully booked through closing (8pm), at more than an hour out.
GregMai 2016
ZufriedenstellendI love these lounges everywhere, even the satellite in Seattle.. But, Miami is half the size it needs to be, it's sloppy, and the front desk staff are rude. Showers are never available and spa is a wish.
GerenMai 2016
Einen Umweg wertWonderful except it's overcrowded and cups are left on tables.
WarrenApril 2016
Einen Umweg wertStandard Centurion Lounge. Great overall but too small and crowded. Very good breakfast food offerings.
AnonymousFebruar 2016
Muss verbessert werdenBusier than the terminal. Paltry food selection. Insufficient seating. Be prepared to wait in line for the bathroom (men too!).
BCTFebruar 2016
HervorragendWe arrived late, so it wasn't crowded at all. The staff was extremely friendly making sure we had everything we needed before the kitchen and bar closed for the evening.
JonyFebruar 2016
Einen Umweg wertI arrived early to spend time in the lounge and not face brutal morning rush hour. It was not a bad decision! Even if your flight is at the opposite end of the terminal, there is a train, so stop by!
HansFebruar 2016
Einen Umweg wertQuite similar to the size in DFW, regular breakfast start at 6am. No chance to take showers, not sure the water pressure.😃
NorFebruar 2016
Einen Umweg wertGood lounge but very crowded.
BexJanuar 2016
Einen Umweg wertGood food but very, very busy. There are often no seats and the tables are cleared slowly.
KristineJanuar 2015
Einen Umweg wertAlthough a Centurion lounge the place is always packed to the gills. Also the food was not as good as other Centurions. Service was also nonexistent. I think they had 1 person cleaning in a packed room.
MichaelDezember 2015
HervorragendFood was tasty and service good. However, this is an extremely busy airport so the space may seem cramped due to popularity of the space.
CecilDezember 2015
Einen Umweg wertFood is pretty good but not many selections. Bloody Marys are terrible.
BobDezember 2015
Einen Umweg wertGood healthy food options, a bit light on cocktail menu options. Not big and can get very busy but has exhale spa options.
CarlDezember 2015
ZufriedenstellendSadly lounge often so crowded people end up sitting on floor. Staff seems overwhelmed. Want to love the place but experience hardly ideal.
LAflyerDezember 2015
ZufriedenstellendI love the idea of Centurion Lounges, but this (like SFO) is so crowded that it feels like a contact sport. There is usually be a two hour wait for massages, and the men's room is too small.
RussDezember 2015
Einen Umweg wertExpected a bit more from AmEx, not too impressed. Sterile and limited plugs. Food is excellent though.
SusanNovember 2015
HervorragendExcellent, first time using, it was fabulous. Our family loved it, excellent food, kitchen staff, wait staff, bar staff, and check in staff. We love it and will be back! ER
EveretteNovember 2015
HervorragendVisited two times and love the food, drinks and the awesome views of the American Airlines planes on the tarmac. It can get crowded both in the mornings and evenings.
Kal PennOktober 2015
HervorragendThis lounge was very impressive. The service was excellent and the food was delicious. Exhale Spa services were a nice addition. Spacious lounge with a great view of the runway.
LevellSeptember 2015
Einen Umweg wertCenturions are great but Dallas and LaGuardia are a lot better. This one didn't have the same food options or layout. Still worth going to.
BradSeptember 2015
Einen Umweg wertGood selection at bar. Good isn't up to other Centurion Lounges. Simple buffet.
EdSeptember 2015
HervorragendGood food. Great service. Excellent bar.
ErikAugust 2015
Einen Umweg wertThe lounge is relatively small for the large number of people.
Barry SleckmanAugust 2015
HervorragendAll the great food, beverage, and service one would expect from a Centurion. The lounge can get a bit busy and the single shower room can have long wait lists. Otherwise a great lounge.
CaseyJuli 2015
Einen Umweg wert
EmersonJuni 2015
HervorragendHad an incredibly good lunch buffet, offering several gourmet items. Visit was quick, and easy.
SeanJuni 2015
Einen Umweg wertLounge is comfortable but not as nice as the DFW lounge. I arrived at almost 9pm so no spa treats were available and food seemed slightly picked over. There was no drink menu but they had full bar.
JaeJuni 2015
HervorragendIt would be perfect if it was just a little larger. But everything else is outstanding. Food is delicious, drinks easy to get, reception gracious, spa amazing (at least the massage). Well done Amex!
AlanJuni 2015
HervorragendFood, decor, and service all excellent. Great view.
KarlJuni 2015

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